E. Etta, Director

E. Etta is problem solver, strategic planner, writer, editor, market researcher and analyst, content developer and proof-reader professional, with experience in market research and analysis, planning, proposal writing, grant writing, technical writing, editing and proofreading. Emayeneme has experience setting up drafts and content in response to Request for Proposals (RFPs) for a wide variety of industries; writing blogs (worked as a Business blogger for the Examiner in Baltimore) and is working on creating blog and website content and editing a wide variety of written material. Ms. Etta presently works for Creative Circle working through them with a National Law Firm in their RFP department as a marketing proposal assistant for approximately 14 months; with Lockheed Martin as an Editor and Note taker for approximately 6 years; Flag International as a Marketing consultant; Center for Urban Families as a grant and contract analyst; International Public Personnel Administration for HR (IPMA-HR) as a research manager/coordinator. Ms. Etta has also worked on the HRIS (human resource information system) at St. Joseph’s Medical Center and Fieldstone Mortgage. Ms. Etta has a Masters in International Management with a concentration in International Marketing from the University of Maryland, University College.